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Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Pies, POPUPS and Epiphanies – they all came together at the Mile High Pie Supper Jan. 23. We unveiled the first-ever Epiphany Lab POPUP at a fundraising event for @Jamie Giellis, candidate for Denver mayor. And it was spectacular!

The Epiphany Lab POPUP is a listening experience designed to pique people’s curiosity. It’s a way to engage people around the things they care most about. For Jamie, we designed a highly interactive, visual experience in the form of a “Listening Wall.” The result? Jamie left with a tangible, visual tool full of insights she can use when communicating with her campaign team and the Denver community – and most importantly, when listening to her constituents’ thoughts, concerns and ideas.

We are so excited about the chance to help connect people and ideas. It’s about listening. It’s dynamic. And it’s available to any organization or individual that’s ready to create a movement. Join us!

Thanks to Paul Tamburello @littlemanicecream, Chandler Romeo and Reed Weimer, Joanne and Ron Katz, Kevin Kearney and Sally Scott for their partnership!

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